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The carefully selected firms Goldmann and Sons PLC introduce you to can provide personal or business asset finance, via the traditional pawnbroking method. This means you can take out a loan secured against an item of value that you or your company owns. Secured items would typically be things such as diamonds, gold, jewellery, luxury watches and other items of value.

We understand these items hold a sentimental value in addition to a financial value. The service is secure and reliable. All items retained are held with a high level of security. It’s a quick and easy process once we have appraised your item and completed the agreement. The money is sent to your account the same day.

  • Pawn Broking Loans can be provided for up to 7 months
  • The total amount repayable is due at the end of the term of your Loan
  • Verified appraisers make a valuation of the item
  • Loans are secured against retained assets
  • It’s a simple, confidential process
  • Assets are protected from the moment they leave your hands and are safely stored within a high-level security area with end to end insurance
  • You can redeem your property at any point during the contract period by payment of the original loan, plus the monthly interest due
  • Your assets will be returned in the same condition as received

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