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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is the strategy of dealing with purchasing and/or joining with other companies. At Goldmann and Sons PLC, we put you in touch with M&A specialists who are with you every step of the way during a merger or an acquisition, giving useful guidance and funding facilities.

In a Merger, two organisations join forces to become a new business usually with a new name because the companies involved are typically of smaller size and stature, the term “merger of equals” is sometimes used. In an acquisition, on the other hand, one business buys a second and generally smaller company which may be absorbed into the parent organisation or run as a subsidiary.  A company under consideration by another organisation from merger or acquisition is sometimes referred to as the target. The business world today is far from stagnant, with large companies often seeking greater efficiency, cost savings or markets for their products by merging with other companies.

Goldmann and Sons PLC can provide access to M&A specialists who are trained professionals able to facilitate this process. This is a diverse field with many varying responsibilities for specialists involved in the process, depending on the progress of the deal. A merger or acquisition can be an exciting option for those flexible enough to handle its many requirements.

There are many good reasons for growing your business through a Merger or an Acquisition for managers, these include:

Obtaining quality staff or additional skills, knowledge of your industry or sector and other business intelligence. For instance, a business with good management and processes them is will be useful to a buyer who wants to improve their own. Ideally, the business you choose should have systems that compliment your own and that will adapt to running a larger business.

Accessing funds or valuable assets for new development. Better production or distribution facilities are often less expensive to buy than to build. Look for target businesses that are only marginally profitable and have large use capacity.

Diversification of the products, services and long-term prospects of your business. A target business may be able to offer your products or services which you can sell through your own distribution channels.

Reducing competition. Buying up new intellectual property, products or services may be cheaper than developing these yourself.

Your business is under performing. For example, if you’re struggling with regional or national growth it may well be less expensive to buy existing business than to expand internally.

Accessing a wider customer base and increasing your market share. Your target business may have distribution channels and systems that you can use for your own.

Reducing your costs and overheads. Through shared marketing budgets, increased purchasing power and lower costs.

Organic growth, i.e. the existing business plan for growth, needs to be accelerated. Businesses in the same sector or location can combine resources to reduce costs, remove the duplicated facilities or departments and increase revenue.

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