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Management Buyouts occur when a team of managers and executives work together to buy the business, or part of the business, which they already work for. The situation first arose around 30 years ago and has increased in popularity. It’s a simple way for existing owners to find willing and knowledgeable buyers and gives the people/management the chance to step up and progress their careers.

Management Buyouts can occur in any industry with any size of business. They can be used to break a particular department away from the core business, to allow owners to dispose of their interest; or even save businesses from administration.

Selling a business can be a lengthy process.  Finding a buyer can prove difficult. The management are already involved, they already know the business. As well as a faster and easier sale, the seller also gets peace of mind that their business is being passed onto a group they know and trust.  For the buyers it is usually the easiest, quickest and least risky way to step up into an ownership role. This allows individuals to fulfil their ambitions of calling the shots and taking home a much larger slice of the profits.  The alternative, to start a business from scratch, contains many more unknowns and can take longer to see positive returns. A Management Buyout ensures the smooth continuation of the business.  The transfer of management (and over a longer period of ownership) is to people who have a good understanding of the company and its potential.   They are often well known by clients, suppliers and financial partners.

The management’s power to influence the growth of the company can increase. They also see the opportunity to increase their personal wealth. Having company growth first in mind is very likely to manifest to an increase in productivity and performance. They know the company’s potential and they are well acquainted with the market. They will innovate with more confidence.

Goldmann and Sons PLC are generally reassured by the expertise of the management in place. When the majority of key employees remain in the service of the company. The chances of the company’s continuation and growth are increased.

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