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The benefits of an Initial Public Offering are numerous. In addition to the financial gains, a company that decides to go public will also increase their public awareness and credibility. Since public companies are more carefully and closely monitored by private companies, many investors feel that they make for more stable investments. This increased demand is reflected in a higher overall valuation of the company. In addition, media outlets are generally more willing to cover public companies, so publicity generally increases.

Going from a private to a public company is a strenuous process and the company will need to rely on a highly-experienced group of IPO Partners to assist along the way, one of these will become your registrar. The IPO Partner we will put you in touch with will put your floatation into safe and dedicated hands guiding you throughout the process and beyond.

Our professional IPO Partners understand the full complexities of IPO’s and have helped many clients through the entire process from early structuring, pre-IPO planning, negotiating terms with the underwriters, and the IPO itself as well as the aftermath. They are also very experienced with all manner of follow-on and secondary equity offerings as well as warrants straight debt and convertible debt.

We understand that as every company has unique requirements, our network of providers will tailor their services to suit yours by working closely with you to plan and implement your transition to market and have experience in managing all types of offers including online (eIPO) retail, employee and intermediary. Our providers are ideally qualified to deliver the right solution for you and your business.

Our team of industry professionals are ready and waiting to hear from you to help provide the right solution for you!

If you have a question that you are unable to find an answer for, we would love to help. In compliance with GDPR, your private data will be collected and stored by us for the sole purpose of contacting you about your interest, see our Privacy Policy.

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