stop payment delays from holding your business back


Construction Finance offers a cash advance against outstanding billing, so payment delays won’t hold you back. If you need access to money that is tied up in lengthy construction contracts, we can put you in touch with providers who can look at what you’re owed on a contract and advance you a proportion of that amount.

Benefits of Construction Finance

  • Timely access to your cash with funding advances usually within 24 hours.
  • Fully confidential service – non-disclosure that an Invoice Finance facility is being used.
  • Business protection against customer consultancy or prolonged defaults with bad debt protection.
  • Competitive pricing and unlimited rolling contract.
  • Contract experts helping identify potential issues before they happen.

How does Construction Finance work?

Step one: Invoice – simply send a copy of your invoicing to the specialist Construction Finance team.
Step two: Receive Funding – an agreed percentage of the invoice values is advanced to you – often within 24 hours, minus the fee.
Step three: Customer Payment – the remaining percentage is returned to you upon the customer payment.

Our team of industry professionals are ready and waiting to hear from you to help provide the right solution for you!

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