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We at Goldmann’s believe that developing the opportunity of working closely with our clients and their companies to help them develop robust business strategies for the future; rather than just putting them in touch with finance providers, will become the new paradigm for the industry.

A Goldmann client can utilise our dedicated and professional in-house business strategists, as well as get access to our bank of providers offering an extensive range of financial solutions available world-wide. We believe this holistic approach will enhance the opportunity of developing real long-term ‘win-win’ scenarios for our clients.

What differentiates Goldmann and Sons PLC from its competitors is that its business model has a four-pronged approach, namely:

  • Investments offered by our providers are more robustly secured by having an underwritten and fully backed loan-to-value (LTV) maximum of 70-75%.
  • All investments offered by our providers are secured against assets.
  • Prior to completion, due diligence is carried out to ensure, as far as possible, that clients can afford to service their loan – thus keeping loan default low.
  • Every client is offered a complimentary company or personal health check, giving the opportunity to identify any critical or weak areas requiring attention. This is also supported by the opportunity to commission Goldmann and Sons to work together via our Business Mentoring Service to help create and implement robust business strategies for long-term success.

Goldmann and Sons PLC are committed as a business to operate with integrity and diligence thus creating an organisation which is fair, transparent and ethical.

Goldmann & Sons PLC

Myles Cunliffe


Myles Cunliffe is the founder and managing director of Get Me Finance Limited. Formed in 2010 Get Me Finance is now licenced by the Financial Conduct Authority as a lender and a broker within the finance industry. Myles’ accomplishments within the finance industry especially with Get Me Finance Limited and the many clients he has retained over the years, has lead to other significant proposals. This became apparent when in February 2017 Myles became CEO and Director of Goldmann and Sons PLC, where he can offer his expertise, professionalism and infectious personality to drive their workforce to new heights.

Sean Hornby

Company Secretary

UKIP Councillor for Bolton, Sean brings a wealth of experience in public relations and also takes an active role in compliance for Goldmann and Sons PLC. Sean’s experience in politics, with both the Labour party and subsequently UKIP, make him ideally suited to lend advice and guidance to Goldmann and Sons PLC.

Thomas Ellis

Director of Credit Underwriting

Thomas is one of the original founders of Goldmann and Sons PLC and has been an integral part in the foundation and growth of the company. Through many years of experience in the Financial Sector and Supply-Chain-Network (SCN) industry, Thomas is a highly dedicated executive who has developed extensive knowledge and a comprehensive skill-set that prove vital to the operation of Goldmann and Sons PLC.

John Thornton

Head of Strategic and Business Development

John Thornton is an experienced business consultant with a proven track record of success within the highly competitive retail, leisure and commercial market sectors.
John’s specialisms include strategic analysis and development, business plan production, business process analysis, competitive analysis and benchmarking, and he is also a skilled copywriter.

Isabel Dias

Goldmann and Sons - Portugal Department

Christian Moll

Goldmann and Sons - Switzerland Department

Douglas Gurney

Goldmann and Sons - Switzerland Department

Antony Hankinson

Specialist Commercial Mortgage Advisor

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